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The case material is resistant to disinfectants, absolutely safe,dirtproof and corrosion resistant. It increases hospital infectioncontrol by 30% and reduces the overall number of secondary infections in critically ill patients.


The use of new non-porous composite material extends

the working life up to several decades (ensuring significant

cost savings in the long term with the possibility of upgrading

individual units and components).


INTEGRO has an open architecture and can be supplied

with additional (optional) equipment (monitor, blood pressure sensor, pulse oximeter, telehealth module, aromatherapy,

air filter, lighting and multmedia control panel).


Built-in advanced functions (local light, LED-backlight,

integrated aromo- and colour therapy) increase patient

comfort and reduce recovery period by 20%.


Using integrated solutions can cut equipment costs down by 25%.


Improved hospital-acquired infection control due to the antibacterial

properties of the material contributes to reduced patients length

of stay in medical institutions, which in turn decreases

patient-care costs.


A wide range of equipment sets allows customers to purchase

units gradually as needed.


Properly organized space and relevant set of functional elements

enhance the operational efficiency by 20-30%. This helps improve

the hospital's positive image and loyalty among patients.

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